Midlothian Quaich

1st – Entrance to Lord Ancrum’s Woods.   

2nd – High and Dry   

3rd – Dawn

Commended –   Gala Curtain Twitchers

High and Dry

“Almost looks colour popping on the canal boat. So peaceful.  Nice space to right as if the boat could move into. Not that it is going anywhere. Lovely and sharp throughout. There is a nice copper type colour in the old leaves on the ground”.


“Lovely misty morning, captured so well. Is that a person walking to right of trees? My eyes go to there. I like the red glow in the sky. Sharp and an almost panorama look to framed image”.

Gala Curtain Twitchers

“A window frame within a frame / mount. Lovely and sharp. Works well with colour removed. Almost ages the image. I like that the ladies are looking slightly to side of camera. Makes you wonder what is taking their attention and making them smile”.

Closed Until Further Notice

“A lovely cold feeling to image with colours used. Nicely framed and sharp. A bit of symmetry to image that I like”.

Crichton Castle

“Lovely autumn feel to the image. Out of the clear sleeve it seems slightly soft. Is that a small bird flying near castle in sky? I would have taken it out with healing brush or clone tool. A bit too much of the golden colour in image for my eye”.

Entrance to Lord Ancrum’s Woods

“Wow. I do like this image. Arch frames it well. Clouds in sky work well. Always better with some clouds than a plain blue sky in my book. Nice and sharp. Black mount help. Symmetry to the image. Could author have taken out the red car? Not that it matters much”.

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