Autumn Competition

First off there needs to be a big thank you to all the members that took time to submit images or the competition, this gave Libby Smith a good challenge in choosing the winners. A big thank you to Libby

Congratulations to

1st Place John Blair – Well Balanced Chap

2nd Place John Blair – Homage To Landseer

3rd Place Dave Cameron – Mad Macs

A Dog’s BreakfastLesley Baxter 16
A Splash Of Colour In The Mist Simon Wootton16
AaronDave Cameron16
Adonis BlueCharles Summers16
Angle Shades Moth David Meikle 15
Bass Rock Simon Wootton17
Black Darter – HIGHLY COMMENDEDCharles Summers17
Brown BearLesley Lynch 15
Casualty Of WarTony Smithers17
ChelseaJack Sergent 14
ConcentrationLesley Baxter17
ConorMargaret McLaren17
CosmicMari Coyle15
Cover Boy – HIGHLY COMMENDEDJoyce Kent17
CufflinksMari Coyle16
CygnetMargaret McLaren17
Dorota – HIGHLY COMMEDEDDave Cameron 17
EiidhDavid Meikle15
EvitaJack Sergent 16
Field ScabiousPat Boreham 16
Garden MouseDavid Meikle 14
Itchy – COMMENDEDMari Coyle17
KestrelMari Coyle16
Kirkcaldy SunriseSimon Wootton17
Ladies ManTony Smithers15
Lady PatriciaJack Sergent 15
Lockdown – HIGHLY COMMENDEDLesley Lynch 17
LynnJack Sergent 15
Misty Union CanalSimon Wootton16
Norweigen Fjord SunriseDavid Meikle14
Old TankerPat Boreham15
Orange TipPat Boreham14
Phacelia Fields At Dusk Lesley Lynch 14
PigeonJoyce Kent 14
Roughting LinnLesley Baxter15
RuairidhDave Cameron16
SplashPat Boreham 14
Sunflower ButterflyJoyce Kent 16
SunriseJohn Blair16
Tarbet Ness LighthouseLesley Lynch 15
Time To Rest Charles Summers14
Tousled – COMMENDEDLesley Baxter 17
Traffic JamMargaret McLaren15
Verbena SeedJoyce Kent 14
WarbirdTony Smithers14
Welcome In My World Tony Smithers14
Well WormMargaret McLaren15

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