• Jan Jerome_Young Grouse
  • Lesley Baxter_Waiting
  • John Blair_Puffin
  • Lesley Baxter_Double Trouble
  • John Blair_Wren
  • Stuart Blair_Serenade
  • Tony Smithers_Full Power
  • Tony Smithers_Face Off
  • Tony Smithers_A touch of red
  • Stuart Blair_Snipe fly
  • Stuart Blair_Common toad
  • Ronnie Anderson_Check him
  • Ronnie Anderson_A nice pair
  • Pat Boreham_Ringlet
  • Pat Boreham_Red sails
  • Pat Boreham_Giraffe statue
  • Leslie Duff_Poison Ivy
  • Leslie Duff_London Nights
  • Leslie Duff_Just A Pawn In The Game
  • Leslie Duff_Do You Have A Treat
  • Leslie Duff_Chasing The Surf
  • Leslie Duff_Bald and Beautiful
  • Lesley Lynch_Red Deer on Mull
  • Lesley Lynch_Luing Ship Wreck
  • Lesley Lynch_King Crane
  • Lesley Baxter_Hold Still
  • Lesley Baxter_Ghost Ship
  • Keith Watson_Winter Chrysanthenum
  • Keith Watson_Frozen Tulip
  • Keith Watson_Delphiniums
  • Keith Watson_Copper Sunset
  • Keith Watson_Cala Lily 1
  • Keith Watson_All Tied Up
  • John Blair_The Shore
  • John Blair_The Duke
  • John Blair_Loch Ard
  • Jan Jerome_Wood Walk
  • Jan Jerome_Lonesome Tree
  • Jack Sergent_Sylvia
  • Jack Sergent_Sasha
  • Jack Sergent_Sarah
  • Jack Sergent_Rose
  • Jack Sergent_Aurora dusting
  • Jack Sergent_Anastacia
  • Graeme Barclay_Tea Anyone
  • Graeme Barclay_Landing Gear Down, check
  • Graeme Barclay_Kermit and Lilly
  • Fiona Young_Storm in a teacup
  • Fiona Young_Sphere Splash
  • Fiona Young_Ice Reflection
  • Fiona Young_Hero
  • Fiona Young_Garlic
  • DSC_0236
  • David Meikle_Swan at the bank
  • David Meikle_Southerness Lighthouse
  • David Meikle_Girl in Bowler
  • David Mackay_Osprey
  • David Mackay_Normanton Church sunset
  • David Mackay_Flying Mallard
  • Charlie Young_Mr Black
  • Charlie Young_Gallery
  • Charlie Young_French Natural Collage

Welcome to Midlothian Camera Club

Midlothian Camera Club is a small but active and friendly camera and photography club, on the outskirts of Edinburgh located at Lasswade in Midlothian, Scotland. We support our members who are at levels of photography from beginner to expert. We are one of only a very few in Scotland, especially near Edinburgh, to have its own club rooms with photographic facilities including darkroom, studio etc. This means that a full range of facilities is available to members outside the normal meeting nights.

On this site you will find information on what facilities we have, upcoming events, a gallery of members’ work including recent photography exhibitions. We run various competitions throughout the year, and you can find out more about these on our competitions page.

Announcements of Interest can be found in the news section.

The Committee page identifies those who run the Club and tells you to whom you can write or telephone if you want more information, and the contact us page gives you an active form to contact us by email.

If you would like to know what is coming up at the club click on the Calendar link, which will take you to a page with a monthly overview of our calendar.

You can find more information about our current subscription rates on the facilities page.


Midlothian camera club – Midlothiancamera.club