Gala v. MCC Interclub, 1st Nov 2023

Judge – Gordon Scott CPAGB

Gala hosted our annual interclub on 1st November. So close, only five points in it, sadly not in our favour. Full results and our images below. Congratulations to Graeme Barclay and Neil Scott for their first-placed images in the DPIs and Prints respectively.

  • Waves
  • Ronchamp
  • Common tern, NYC
  • Blue Tit on Bullrush
  • Cormorant Lookout
  • Daisy in vase
  • Derelict
  • Ely Catherdal
  • Here Froggy Froggy
  • I Enjoyed That
  • Looking for the dream job
  • Parliament
  • Reach for the sky
  • Reflections of Loch Chon
  • Sitting with Granda
  • The Loneliness
  • Trying to hide
  • Watchful

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